Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens Safety Training Program

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 requires employers to safeguard employees who have reasonably anticipated exposure to blood or other potentially infections materials. The NSC Bloodborne Pathogens & Airborne instructor course meets the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and is your tool for training employees or members of the general public who may come in contact with infectious materials as part of their jobs. This program also helps reduce these risks by focusing on how to protect employees from blood and airborne pathogens, as well as what to do if an exposure occurs.  It fits the needs of the community, corporate and on-the-job work site training.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Bloodborne pathogens, including hepatitis viruses and HIV
  • Preventing infection from Bloodborne pathogens, Airborne pathogens, including tuberculosis 
  • Universal precautions
  • Exposure control
  • Labeling, and exposure determination

Course Length: 2 hours         Price: $55.00

Certification valid for 1 year (annual).

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