Every day, almost 120 people die in motor vehicle accidents and approximately 2.3 million people are seriously injured every year. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in young adults between the ages of 16 and 24.

About DDC 4

DDC 4, an instructor-led classroom course, offers the greatest flexibility for organizations who would like to customize session blocks. The multimedia production creatively integrates the 4-hour classroom presentation with technical content, videos, knowledge checks, skills and technique reviews, 2-D animation and a “Guide.” This course will motivate participants to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. It will give your students key understanding, skills and techniques to avoid collisions and reduce future violations. The result is a more responsible driver who grasps best practices to prevent injury and death while operating a motor vehicle.

Topics covered in the DDC 4 Instructor Development Course include:

  • Thorough coverage of DDC 4 6th edition course content and instructional materials, including the 6 additional 10-miunute lessons, multi-media presentation, group activities and case studies
  • How to properly and effectively use the course materials and multi-media disc
  • Major DDC concepts and strategies
  • Characteristics and traits of an effective DDC instructor
  • DDC teaching skills and facilitation methods to increase student involvement and motivation
  • Specific learner needs and techniques for managing difficult course participants
  • Deliver a practice presentation for candidate instructor peer feedback and instructor trainer evaluation
  • Administrative responsibilities

Upon successful completion of the DDC 4 Instructor Development Course

The candidate must teach a minimum of two DDC 4 courses. After teaching your two probationary classes, your DDC Training Center’s administrator is to sign and return the Universal Certification Form issued to you during the Instructor Development Course to the National Safety Council.

You will receive a serialized Instructor Credential which is good for one year. The first year of the credential was paid when you enrolled in the Instructor Development Course. After that it is renewable on a yearly basis. After certification, the NSC provides the instructor with a one year subscription to the Instructor’s Certification Subscription Service. This service includes the following:

  • Safety and Health Magazine (monthly)
  • Access to the DDC Information Highway (housed on the NSC website).
  • Driver Trainer (bimonthly electronic newsletter)
  • Traffic Safety (monthly electronic newsletter)
  • Access to all 50 states and DC traffic law network
  • DDC Instructor webinars and updates
  • Information on the Defensive Driving Courses International Advisory Committee
  • DDC Instructor Administrative Guide
  • DDC Instructor Reference Materials

Course Length: 16 hours (2 Days)         Price: $495    

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