Confined Space Entry Supervisor Level

"Entry supervisor" means the person (such as the employer, foreman, or crew chief) responsible for determining if acceptable entry conditions are present at a permit space where entry is planned, for authorizing entry and overseeing entry operations, and for terminating entry as required by this section.

NOTE: An entry supervisor also may serve as an attendant or as an authorized entrant, as long as that person is trained and equipped as required by this section for each role he or she fills. Also, the duties of entry supervisor may be passed from one individual to another during the course of an entry operation.


    • Overview of applicable regulations and appendices 29 CFR 1910.146 Subpart J
    • Definitions and characteristics of confined spaces
    • Definitions and terms used in the regulations
    • General requirements for confines space entry
    • Review of the client’s written confined space entry plan
    • Permit vs. non-permit required spaces
    • The permit system; how to properly complete the entry permit
    • General comments on training required at all levels (employees)
    • Duties of entrants
    • Duties of attendants
    • Duties of entry supervisors
    • Rescue and emergency operations
    • Evaluating confined spaces: air monitoring using the client’s actual air monitoring equipment
    • General considerations regarding ventilation
    • Set-up and use of client’s actual rescue and retrieval equipment
    • Completion exam (approximately 30 questions, open book)

To be supplied by student 5 business days in advance of the class:

  • Copy of the client’s actual and specific written confined space entry plan (if available)
  • Owner’s manual/quick start guide for the client’s air monitoring equipment/meter (if available)
  • List of rescue/retrieval equipment with copy of operating instructions (required)
  • Type and description of air ventilation equipment to be used in the field (required)

Course Length: 8 hours           Price: $199

See also Confined Space Permit Entry Requirement.

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