Learn To Teach Lift Truck Operator Program

Did you know that 95,000 people are injured and millions of dollars are lost each year due to forklift accidents?  Do not allow your company to add to the statistics.

Our program provides everything you need to become a certified trainer for safe lift truck operation, inspection & general maintenance! Our program meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

Note: Forklift Operator Certification is a prerequisite to obtain Forklift Instructor Credentials

Instructor candidates will receive a full teaching kit.

Teaching Kit materials include:

  • Introduction and preparation.  Easy-to-follow Facilitator Guide with companion DVD (plus PC/Mac CD-ROM version) that lets course leaders engage and involve participants through all 7 instructional modules
  • High-definition videos of real-life working conditions and operator frontline perspectives
  • Detailed animations that further illustrate course topics
  • Module exams
  • Final exam

Upon completing this program, you will:

  • Understand the new OSHA standard and what you must do to fully comply
  • Recognize the skills and techniques required for safe operation and maintenance of powered industrial trucks
  • Develop a complete in-house training program
  • Design exercises to evaluate actual hands on performance by your operators
  • Educate operators on how to work safely around powered industrial trucks

Course length: 8 hours          Price: $895.00

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